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    No Pie for Me (Facebook Update)

    Read the full post on Facebook. Final updates and Pinterest pics coming up on the next blog post.

    This morning as I spent time alone with God. I prepared a pie for church later today. Although I am detoxing and won't…

    Posted by Musicalinda.net on Sunday, November 15, 2015

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    Subconscious Moments Matter

    I caught myself the other day. It was clear. If I moved forward with the action on my mind it would have been unmistakeable passive aggressiveness. I was frustrated then felt a moment of devious clarity. If I would just press the send option in my email I could turn the tables. I could show how imperfect the other person was. I could turn the frustration I gained from my recent encounter with them into vindication for me. But, I didn’t click send. I deleted the 4 word email response that held so much power over my heart and remembered the three simple rules I teach my children…. Do Good, Do No, Harm, and Stay in Love with God.

    Even if this person didn’t know the intent, even though my subconscious is what I’m speaking of as I reflect on what I thought about doing and why, I recognized my underlying motivation. I realized I wasn’t being Christ like. I tell you, if living the life of a Christian was easy and simple we would all do it. But, it’s not. Sometimes it’s what we let take over us subconsciously that reveals our humanness and our short comings. I’m thankful for this moment because it humbled me to move beyond my selfish tendencies and press on towards being a loving person as God has always intended for me to be. I also know it was me with the problem and nothing they did could force my frustration on me. I am determined to grow more so the actions of others only fuel me to be more loving even in my subconscious moments.

  • How to Save your Voice ~ Simply Cintia

    How to Save your Voice ~ Simply Cintia is right on target. There is nothing quite like teaching little kids (and even adult children) and the toll it can take on your ability to speak outside of the classroom. Thanks for writing this post Cintia! This is good advice for anyone really. Read it and take heart her words of wisdom if you do a lot with your voice. There really is nothing like a good ear-nose-throat medical professional. 😀

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