Lead the Hard Way

Sketch1659356As I continue to read and reflect on what it takes to be a great teacher I am reminded of the power in being a great leader. There are so many who are leaders by nature of their title only. It is frustrating for any follower to have to respect, or even just pretend to respect, an ineffective leader or superior. This is no different for students in a classroom. If I were to present myself as the go to teacher for fun and games I would lose the chance to be respected in my profession.

The road that is most difficult and likely least traveled by novice teachers is to be disciplined enough to focus on the students and the learning process. Joy in the midst of success is okay, but it should not be the means by which you hope to gain respect as a leader. It may be hard to let go of a desire to be loved. However, it is much more valuable to have respect now and possibly be loved later when running into past students at graduations and maybe even just the grocery store.:)