Procrastination, Enemy #1

Sketch154141331In reading a book about the many hats that a music teacher wears I was reminded about how detrimental it is to procrastinate. The book, “My Many Hats,” Shares how the most important of all roles is to be a Ringmaster. It repeats often the affect procrastination has on the classroom and the ability lost of the Ringmaster to handle the challenge.

What Ringmaster doesn’t know what’s happening in all of the rings of the circus and still has a job? It is difficult if not impossible to manage this world of situations while allowing procrastination any place in a person’s planning and execution of the plans laid. Planning ahead and thinking through what you hope will happen, what might happen, and being prepared should your plans not work out is basic necessity for daily life in any classroom.

While planning is a major strong suit of mine, I have been learning how important it is to plan much far in advance so that the smaller things and to-do lists of the day-to-day can be successfully executed with the greatest possible ease. This is not to say that planning makes anything easy, but gives proper perspective on the value of preparedness and avoidance of procrastination.