Too much detail

Sketch176205619Ever had a know-it-all teacher or professor? These are the kinds of people who ruin learning because they make us sit through class rather than live through class. What’s most unfortunate is that many teachers don’t even know that is how they come off to their students, or wonder why the students are not interested in what they have to share.

While every teacher should be a scholar and know more about what they teach than they ever anticipate actually teaching, every teacher should also be creative and age/ability appropriate in the presentation.

I remember being a new teacher and falling into the scholarly trap. I especially especially did this when my self confidence was in question and I didn’t lean on my lesson planning. More seasoned teachers know that it is not how smart you are or how much you know, but how effectively you can engage the students in learning what you have to teach them.

I am oh so thankful to be reminded of the important and dangerous sides of wearing the hat of a scholar in this book “My Many Hats. ” Looking forward to continued reflection on my experience as a music teacher and showing any future students just how interesting learning can be without pushing what I have learned down their throats.