Say Thank You and Lay Down

Today I am on campus for one of my seminary classes and have sat in preparation for this day reading, writing, and figuring how this day will flow between meals, study, and class time. What I nearly forgot to do was pause for reflection and devotion. Any rhythm and pattern is easy enough to keep, but when the rhythm is broken, our patterns lose their grip, and our minds are found wondering in various directions, even the most organized of people and to-do lists falls short of the physical, mental, and spiritual self-care needed to make a day as God would want it to be.

I am reminded in one of my classes that we can not care for others before caring for ourselves. When we forget to pause, be thankful, recognize God at work in us and around us, then our lives are more prone to a progressive downward spiral of compounding stressors. One day, those stressors will become crisis, or one stressor will come along and break us from what we thought was having life under control.

Sam and Linda
Me and Sam. I know he has made an other family super happy! Such a sweet dog.

How about we all take breaks, plug naps and time apart into our schedules, and spread the word that plugging in pauses for reflection, moments of play, and periods of rest are as important as eating, paying the bills, brushing our teeth, and walking the dog. (Yeah…. I miss our dog.)

So, this morning, as I consider my day and what it will bring I pause now to say thank you to God. Thank you for teaching me and working in me. Thank you for this time of renewal and education. Thank you for the rest last night, that awesome car ride with my friend Nanci, and for this the hotel room that has proven to be a renewing place of solitude.

Go, be, and the Lord keep you today.