Fall 2018 Begins

It’s that time of year. Seminary is off to a running start and I am working on pacing myself. I know there is no right way to track and keep up with life, school, volunteer work, etc. However, I do have a method to my madness and I’m feeling amazing even with the load already on my plate this first week.

Since I am building online lessons for busy Christians like myself, let me just say that some of the tools I use to keep my mind in order include the following… Smartsheet, Passion Planner, Cloze, Remarkable, and Google Drive. (And that’s not all.)

I’m nuts, but I’ve been at it long enough that I have figured what works for me for what purposes. And, since not many company’s and technologies play nicely (Outlook and Google for example) I make things work for me.

I look forward to releasing the lessons I’ve learned so others can take what I know and run with what works for them. Nothing like a little guide and hope for a way forward to win the race against emails, calendars, and the world wide web of social madness.

God bless us all in this crazy busy world. May we not only make time to fit all that we do in, but ensure time for sabbath along the way.

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